Highlight This! - Privacy Policy

Privacy policy for the Highlight This! browser extension

This privacy policy covers the Highlight This! browser extension or add-on. It does not cover the HighlightThis.net website. In the policy we use the name 'extension' for the Highlight This! extension or add-on.

Information we collect

All the data you enter in the extension stays within the extension and the local storage of your browser, with exception of the data of the syncrhonised list, which is synchronised using the mechanisms provided by the browser manufacturer. We do not centralise your data and we do not have access to your data.

The extension only keeps temporarly track of the words found on the current page and the urls of your opened tabs but all this data stays locally in non-volatile memory in your browser.

What we do with your data and pages you visit?

The data you enter in the extension is solely used for the functionality of the extension, highlighting your words on your pages

We don't use tracking software and we don't include externally hosted libraries or code in the extension

Our extension is in a partnership with Adgoal (https://adgoal.de/) and contains their Adgoal script meant for link affiliation. We can receive a reward for a purchase that happens after a user clicks on an affiliate link. You can learn more about the process from Adgoal’s privacy policy at https://www.adgoal.de/en/privacy.html. The ads associated with this partnership do not interfere with any third-party website, in-app, or native advertising in any way.

Questions and concerns

Feel free to contact me if you have concerns or you would like to see the code running in your browser, I can guide you to it.

Interesting links for you

You can find the latest help here

Questions, concerns and suggestions

Any feedback, suggestions or question? Use Chrome's feedback system.